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Northwest Demolition provides a full range of services for the removal of commercial structures and facilities.

Industries served include:

We frequently work in the most challenging of environments where assets are to be protected, environmental factors need to be addressed and schedules are challenging.

By definition, high rises are often placed in congested environments. Protection of the customer’s remaining assets and the facilities/personnel in these areas is pivotal. Specialized methods and techniques are often employed. These projects routinely require engineered demolition plans.

Each style of commercial facility has its own sensitivities and features requiring specific attention. For example, healthcare facilities are frequently very conscious of vibration, and environmental factors, such as diesel fumes and traffic, whereas high-rise hotel development demolition is often focused on noise, falling object risk, and schedules.

We aim to bring our collective experience to each project aiding with the planning and safe implementation of a well-designed operations plan.

Example Commercial Demolition Projects

International Airport Control Tower Demolition

Demolition of a five-story, heavily-reinforced concrete tower accomplished with remotely operated, robotic, demolition machines. The tower was located over an active terminal and directly above an FAA computer control facility. This made the control of vibration, moisture intrusion, and low impact to ongoing operations critical.

8-Story Concrete Hotel Demolition

Complete demolition of a 400,000 square foot hotel in Maui. A requirement to minimize landfill use and an aggressive schedule required a large demolition team. Northwest Demolition managed the upfront planning work with the customer and the county to devise a unique extensive recycling program for all demolition materials. Extensive environmental, cultural and erosion controls were implemented and constantly monitored to protect ecosystems.

Multi-story Hospital Demolition

Traffic management, dust control, and vibration mitigation were crucial throughout the demolition of this 265,000 square feet facility located between two active hospital buildings. Of the 15,000 cubic yards of concrete recovered, 6,000 cubic yards were crushed and screened onsite for future use.

Grain Elevator Demolition

This project involved the demolition of a 140-foot wooden grain elevator, a series of twelve 120-foot concrete elevators, and three 50-foot-tall steel elevators. The wood elevator was previously damaged by fire, hence, it had to be dismantled in conjunction with an active arson investigation. Its location next to an active freeway made debris and dust control imperative.