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Northwest Demolition began its existence in 1954.

At this time the business was called Colhouer Demolition. For years, Colhouer was one of the leading demolition firms in the Pacific Northwest, working with a loyal client base on a wide range of commercial and industrial projects.

Work at this time was markedly different than today with hard work and “get it done” being the driving sentiments. Safety was discussed but did not have the emphasis found in recent years. However, safety has always been a core value of the organization and, to this day, the company has never sustained a fatality or life-threatening injury.

Hydraulic excavators, which dominate the demolition arena today, were not available in 1954, thus most structures were demolished with track-loaders. These incredibly versatile machines are still in use today, albeit play a supporting role in most demolition plans.

In the 1950s, much of downtown Portland consisted of housing. Colhouer was contracted to demolish entire city blocks of housing to make way for new commercial developments. Due to our longevity in the business, we have removed structures two and even three times from the same location as the purpose of that particular piece of real estate changed.

As the years went by, the company grew and expanded operations from predominantly the Portland/SW Washington area to the I-5 corridor throughout Oregon and Washington.

In 1982, the original ownership of Colhouer retired and sold the company to new private ownership. This new ownership continues to run the business today. The original operational staff remained and, with the new name of Northwest Demolition & Dismantling, set out to become one of America’s most technically capable demolition firms.

Since 1982, Northwest Demolition has grown in a very organic fashion, always being focused on providing a technically superior product with the utmost commitment to safety. The range of operations has advanced to include routine work throughout the western United States, Western Canada, and the Pacific (e.g., Hawaii and other islands such as Johnston, Midway, and others).

Environmentally challenging projects have always been the preference of the Northwest Demolition team. We have hired and trained a large group of environmental professionals and technicians and perform a broad range of environmental services in addition to the core demolition tasks.

Our success in dealing in the industrial marketplace has led to customers trusting us with entire facilities. These projects typically involve evaluating the remaining facility and determining if there is residual value of equipment over what would be available through recycling. This has led to entire plant sales for large multinational corporations.

The company style has never been to be the lowest cost provider; the focus has always been safety and quality. Because of this, the market had drawn us into fields where experience, capability, and credibility are valued, such as in the following industries:

Cleaning up facilities and structures, taking them apart and selling them has led to a broad understanding of the processes involving the reuse of such real estate and assets. This has resulted in the creation of our Consulting Group which provides a range of services designed to help customers plan for upcoming projects and to manage those projects from conception to completion. Additionally, the Consulting Group frequently identifies brownfield real estate opportunities for our Real Estate Group to add value.

60 Years of Demolition & Dismantling Excellence

In 2014, our company will enjoy its 60th anniversary. We look forward to what comes ahead, the changes in the industry, the technology and approach. One thing, however, will not change with Northwest Demolition: We will always be committed to providing a safe, quality product.

Our success in the industry is partially due to our partnering philosophy. We have numerous Joint Ventures, teaming agreements, partnering contracts, and strategic alliances. The sole focus of these relationships is to service the needs of our customer while allowing Northwest Demolition to focus on its core skill set.