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The decontamination/demolition of contaminated structures poses a host of challenges for the demolition contractor.

To respond to these challenges, Northwest Demolition has developed a staff of professionals that can develop and manage the necessary plans to safeguard the client while ensuring project performance.

We use practical approaches gained from decades of working in and around structures that are contaminated with everything from asbestos, lead, mercury, nuclear products, chemical weapons, chemicals, bulk products, fuels and by-products of combustion.

We regularly team with national consulting firms who provide expert support for regulatory compliance. Our operations personnel are some of the most experienced and well trained in the industry, participating in ongoing specialty training.

Example Contaminated Structures Projects

Shipyard Foundry Decontamination & Demolition

Northwest Demolition was retained to perform a series of tasks at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard. All personnel were security background verified due to the sensitive nature of the facility. Included in this package of work was the decontamination (for lead and cadmium) of an 80,000 square foot foundry, interior demolition of all the antiquated equipment, followed by the rigging and removal of six large air pollution control devices with associated ductwork. The decontamination was performed with bulk removal of dust and vacuuming followed by a chemical wet wipe procedure.

High Tech Facility Decontamination/Interior Demolition

Northwest Demolition was contracted to manage the decontamination and interior demolition of a 200,000 square feet high-tech assembly plant. To allow the conversion of the facility to office/warehousing for a Fortune 50 business, the structure had to be cleaned to an almost new condition. The work involved the complete removal of all interior finishes, mechanical and electrical components and various other improvements. The building was contaminated with ultrafine lead dust, thus, the project was completed under negative air containment. Following the decontamination/demolition efforts, Northwest Demolition performed various site improvements such as floor grinding, and roofing/aperture repair.

Pesticide Manufacturing Facility Demolition

This site housed a former pesticide manufacturing and storing facility. Several structures and site features were demolished in the work. Arsenic contamination was prevalent throughout all the site materials, hence, all demolished materials were managed as RCRA hazardous waste. All materials leaving the site were transported under manifest to a regional subtitle C landfill. Northwest Demolition worked with the owner, the owner’s environmental consultant, and the disposal facility to manage wastes controlled by assorted regulations (e.g., asbestos-bearing materials with arsenic contamination). Extensive site controls were implemented, including control of rainwater landing on the footprint of the buildings (catchment and treatment of all such liquid).

PCB-Contaminated Aluminum Rod Mill Decontamination/Demolition

This project involved the dismantling and decontamination of a PCB-contaminated rod mill plant. This work involved the total demolition of certain portions of the site’s infrastructure and the interior demolition of facility improvements within several large buildings. All the steel was decontaminated, tested, inventoried, then transported to a local steel recycler where it was remelted within 48 hours of receipt. Decontamination fluids were shipped off site for disposal.