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Northwest Demolition’s consulting practice can be subdivided into two disciplines: the planning of future work (Project Planning Consulting) and the management of ongoing work (Project Execution Consulting). This consulting practice comes from our extensive experience in the demolition and environmental fields.

Whether budgeting and planning future projects or providing management of ongoing work, our goal is to provide value and risk mitigation helping customers stay on track and make informed planning decisions.

Services provided include:

Example Consulting Assignments

Nuclear Power Plant Demolition Cost Consulting

To aid a future site development project, we provided cost consulting for remediation and demolition of 680MW nuclear power facility. The removal cost estimates for the facilities were created by reviewing available data from the municipality, by performing site walks of the structures and by comparing the developed estimates with actual project costs from past projects.

Nuclear Plant Decommissioning – Onsite Management of Contractors

Multiyear assignment as the owner’s agent to oversee the technical aspects of the decommissioning of a shut-down commercial nuclear plant. Reactor building is below grade and below the water table, creating environmental and geotechnical complexities. The role includes the placement of various professionals to oversee the planning, schedule development and implementation of the complex multiyear work plan.

Commercial Nuclear Plant Spent Fuel Pool Demolition Consulting

Provided technical support during the production of a formal RFP document for the removal of the spent fuel pool’s stainless steel liner. This work entailed reviewing the various methodologies for the removal of this liner with evaluation of each method as it related to safety, functionality and cost effectiveness.

Astronomy Center Facility Decommissioning Consulting Assignment

We are frequently called upon to develop end-of-lease or completion-of-life cycle contingency budgets. These budgets include the full removal and restoration of the sites and closure of the operating permits. This particular customer needed a detailed demolition method and cost assessment of a large telescope complex located at an elevation of over 14,000 feet.

Facility Legacy Document

A common challenge in industry is losing track of important data following a decommissioning project. Northwest Demolition has been retained on a variety of instances to provide a summary of site conditions following the completion of work. We call this a Legacy document as it combines all known information into a concise document.