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Northwest Demolition is an expert in the handling of damaged structures, wastes, and bulk materials. We have the personnel, experience, and equipment to effectively manage and perform a wide range of disaster relief services. Our capability for recovery after a catastrophic event happens can range from the general planning for cleanup to the entire execution of the project cleanup. Much of this work involves working with agencies performing investigations of the catastrophic event.

This work includes:

We work with our customers to help them restore their businesses with as little disturbance as possible to their ongoing operations.

Example Disaster Recovery Projects

Windmill Collapse

A 2.3-megawatt wind turbine collapsed during operation involving injury and loss of life. We were retained to dismantle the remaining structure. The shaft was buckled and bent in two but still standing. This portion of the structure was safely lowered to the ground. The entire structure was dismantled and removed from the project site. Personal items belonging to the client’s personnel were collected and returned to the client during the work (located in previously unreachable areas). The foundation (350 cubic yards of concrete) was removed, and the site was rough graded. An accident investigation continued throughout our work, with certain pieces of the wind turbine structure separated and retained for later forensic investigation.

Fire-Impacted Multi-story Apartment Building

A five-story, wood-framed building with a two-level underground garage was severely damaged by fire. The building was newly finished and the cause was under investigation. The ground level slab over the parking garage needed to be protected from heavy equipment. The post tensional rods that ran vertically throughout the structure had to be separated, avoiding damage to the slab. This project required the use of long-reach equipment that could reach into the entire building footprint from the edge of the structure. Structural drawings were studied and routes were agreed upon where small equipment could venture onto the slab for the final cleanup. The work pace was controlled partially by the forensic team.

This project demonstrates our familiarity with radiological work environment and our ability to perform complex demolition in difficult marine environments while meeting the stringent California requirements.

Collapsed Building Port Property

During a wind storm, a large wood warehouse located on a busy Port property partially collapsed. In order for the building to be abated for asbestos and be demolished in a safe fashion, the remaining structure and certain adjoining structures had to be braced. This engineered bracing was installed on a common wall and associated roof trusses. Once secured, an excavator fitted with a rotating grapple carefully removed the wood roof trusses, as well as the attached roof joists and framing. This engineered approach allowed the adjoining facilities to remain in full operation during the demolition process.

The final outcome of the project resulted in the total demolition of the structure to its unsafe condition.

Fire Damaged Two-Story Market

We were retained to completely empty a fire damaged two-story structure during an ongoing arson investigation. The work was to remove all interior items leaving the structure intact. Following an engineering analysis of the load bearing capacity of the structure, we sourced low ground pressure equipment to remove all of the store contents while leaving the first floor slab remaining. This proved to be safe and cost effective.