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What makes a demolition contractor a demolition contractor?

Many things differentiate demolition contractors from other contractors. Mainly it is experience and understanding of the risks imposed from the work. Demolition contractors are dominantly in the business of managing risk and materials. They understand how to mitigate the risks associated with the project, protecting themselves and the owner.

Can some projects be accomplished for the value of the scrap or assets?

In certain instances this is possible. Northwest Demolition makes a thorough project evaluation and from that, can tell how much of the demolition project cost can be offset by material values (e.g., scrap metals) and by asset sales. Our goal is to offer our skill in the fields of demolition, environmental remediation, and asset management to help our clients reach their targets (i.e., divest themselves of the project site/modify the site’s improvements/or redeploy idle assets).

Where does Northwest Demolition work?

Essentially anywhere. We work on certain types of projects for certain types of clients irrespective of location.

Can Northwest Demolition be competitive if it has to mobilize long distances?

Yes, absolutely. Given medium- to large-size projects with a good degree of complexity, the mobilization costs are a small portion of overall costs. We always looks for local resources to augment our efforts, however, in general the efficiency provided through utilizing our highly modified equipment pays dividends to the project.

Is an asbestos/environmentally regulated material survey required prior to demolition?

Most states/provinces in which we work have different requirements for environmental surveys. We can help define those needs for your project. In general terms though, it pays to have a thorough understanding of the environmental issues associated with your project prior to commencement.

As a client, what can we do to help with getting a project started?

In most instances, it is helpful to have the site owner acquire the required permitting and utility disconnects. If desired, Northwest Demolition consulting staff can provide this service or work with you to develop a logical plan.

I just want a budget for my project.

Northwest Demolition has been performing these services since 1954, so in most cases, we can provide project budgeting based on our experience. If more detail is required, we are often retained as consultants to help develop options for the site’s improvements.

Do you use explosives on your projects?

Yes, from time to time we do. In certain instances, explosives provide the best solution. However, we usually have more controlled methods to perform demolition work.

Do I need an engineering survey of my structure prior to demolition?

Federal regulations state that, prior to permitting employees to start demolition operations, an engineering survey shall be made by a competent person, of the structure to determine the condition of the framing, floors, and walls, and possibility of unplanned collapse of any portion of the structure. Any adjacent structure where employees may be exposed shall also be similarly checked. The employer shall have in writing evidence that such a survey has been performed. Northwest Demolition can perform this survey for you.

As the site owner, do I need to know where all my site materials are going?

Yes, you most certainly do. As many of the materials generated with a demolition, environmental, or asset redeployment project can be environmentally regulated, the site owner has liability for the location and facility that accepts these materials. Northwest Demolition offers a comprehensive program with project planning and reporting to alleviate these concerns.

I see Northwest Demolition provides consulting services. How might that be of value to me?

Many of our customers do not perform asset redeployment, demolition, or environmental remediation projects very frequently. Due to our expertise in project management, we are often retained as the owner’s agent either to evaluate a potential project or to manage a project.

What training requirements should I require as an owner from a demolition company’s employees to work on my site?

This requirement varies from site to site. As the owner you want the contractor to be able to demonstrate that they understand the site issues and that their employees have not been impacted by site exposures.

At a minimum the demolition contractor must furnish:

  1. Medical monitoring records for the employees
  2. Evidence of a drug and alcohol program with current drug cards
  3. Training certificates for the applicable equipment to be used onsite
  4. Additional training dependent on the project type (MSHA-mining, Hazwoper-Haz waste project etc.)