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The majority of Northwest Demolition’s projects are industrial in nature. Industries served include:

Over the decades we have tuned our skillset to meet the needs of our industrial customers. These customer requirements are:

Example Industrial Demolition Projects

Kitimat Modernization Project

Massive two-year project with a team of up to 230 personnel and 40 pieces of heavy equipment to remediate, clean, and demolish over one million square feet of facility. The project was made all the more difficult with the adjacent operating facility and linked systems/utilities. In addition, the remote location and harsh climate made equipment maintenance, productivity, and safety a challenge.

Conoco Phillips Honolulu Terminal Demolition

Selection was based on our safety record and extensive experience working within the petro-chemical industry. The work in congested Honolulu involved the removal of an entire tank farm system including the load racks, concrete containment system, warehousing, network of underground petroleum piping, and a massive tank farm, the largest of which was more than 5 million gallons.

Dallas Plywood and Sawmill

This project involved asset recovery, remediation and demolition of dozens of buildings totaling over 260,000 square feet. This project involved conducting an appraisal, generating a global marketing effort, followed by an orderly sale and removal and shipping of assets.

Agrium Phosphate Plant Demolition

Formerly used to process ore for fertilizer production this site had 12 large structures that were to be completely demolished. Portions of the plant continued to operate during demolition so precise coordination was essential to ensure worksite safety. The work also included the removal of more than 50,000 square feet of transite asbestos siding.