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Mining and Metals

Mining and metals processing facilities have specific issues and requirements for contractors and, as such, are governed through MSHA and report through BROWZ safety compliance organization.

Northwest Demolition has wide experience in working in and around active mine sites and mineral processing facilities. Demolition within the mining industry typically involves some degree of decontamination, that is, the removal of residues and chemicals from in and around the equipment and structures being removed.

Our experience includes the demolition of massive processing plants in coal mines, decontamination/demolition of precious metals chemical systems, and asset recovery/dismantling of phosphorous/vanadium processing plants.

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Oil and Gas

The petrochemical industry has various environmental and physical challenges and a distinct set of rules for operation. Northwest Demolition has worked for decades in this environment and has demolished dozens of petrochemical tanks and entire tank farms. We are compliant with IS Net World and PICS and have removed and remediated entire facilities and have been contracted to surgically extract vessels and systems from active facilities.

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Chemical Industry

Successful decommissioning of a chemical plant is a multistage process. Rigorous up-front planning and identification of the site physical and chemical hazards ensures that the dismantling, demolition, and site decommissioning process goes safely and adheres to the project schedule and budget.

We have the professional staff and industry experts who can provide this planning service. Once planned, our forces can manage and perform the entire process of abating environmental sensitive systems, marketing and removing saleable items, followed by dismantling and demolition of the facility itself.

We offer expert oversight of regulatory compliance, permitting, and waste management. Our extensive experience includes specialized remediation and removal tasks involving hazardous, explosive, and/or toxic substances. The final disposition of materials and equipment from these plants is often controlled by the environmental laws in play. Northwest Demolition takes a lead role in aiding clients through the process of staying in compliance while maximizing the return and safeguarding the local community.

We will work to minimize the materials sent to a disposal facility and track each and every load of material, providing a details closure document upon project completion. With our large fleet of owned heavy equipment we have the resources to accomplish the physical tasks in-house including any required contaminated material excavation/remediation and final backfill and site grading.

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Government and Military

Northwest Demolition has extensive experience working for federal (e.g., DOD, DOE, DOI) and state governments. We hold multiyear contracts performing demolition and environmental remediation throughout the Western United States and on various islands in the Pacific. There are subtle differences bidding to and working for the various government agencies. We have developed the systems, the accounting, and the project controls oversight to integrate smoothly with the agency requirements. Experience includes: dismantling of a nuclear test facility at Hanford for DOE; demolition of thousands of structures, many of which were contaminated, for DOD; and the remediation of metals-impacted soils on Midway Island for DOI. We are familiar with EM385, the CORE system of project management and operation.

We actively mentor a Service Disabled Veteran owned small business (SDVOSB), which has led to contracting opportunities with various agencies.

Our success in the public contracting arena is partially linked to long-term teaming relationships with various other specialty/general contractors and our understanding of the expectations of the various agencies.

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Railroad and Transportation

Northwest Demolition has performed a wide variety of projects for railroad entities and in the removal of transportation infrastructure. These projects are intensely schedule-oriented and require detailed preplanning to run smoothly. Projects include the removal of railroad bridges over active freeway, railway systems, as well as the demolition of abandoned infrastructure in remote regions with poor access.

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Northwest Demolition has an extensive background working on and around radiologically-impacted structures and regulated sites. Be it nuclear research, medical, power generation, or weapons-produced materials, we have extensive experience in the nuclear field. When it comes to working on nuclear sites, a rigorous safety/monitoring system and employee training program are essential. Our clients for nuclear projects include utility companies, hospitals, DOE and the US military.

» Nuclear Decommissioning

Power and Energy

As part of our industrial demolition focus we are often hired to decommission power generating facilities. For decades, we have decommissioned and demolished fossil fuels based plants, nuclear, hydroelectric, wood fired and co-generation plants, as well as wind turbine generators. These facilities are owned and operated by larger customers with a central focus on work planning and safe work practices which meshes well with our core beliefs and business model.

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Chemical Weapons

Northwest Demolition has been an industry leader in the decommissioning of chemical weapons destruction facilities. In 2003, we were awarded the contract to demolish the Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS) which was the first of its kind in the world. Subsequently, in 2013, we were awarded the demolition of the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (UMCDF). All of the destruction sites had unique environmental and worker safety challenges due to the extremely toxic nature of the material they stored and handled.

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Health Care

Hospitals and health care installations need to constantly remain operational. Because of this, contractors working on and around these facilities need to share in the owner’s goal of zero impact to existing facilities and customers during construction or demolition work. Northwest Demolition has worked on many hospitals that are operating and/or adjacent to operating facilities where interruption is not acceptable. To address this we employ upfront exhaustive planning with the facility management team for the work and sequence to mitigate any disruption.

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Ports and Maritime

The world’s ports are a gateway to maritime trade and travel. In order for ports to keep up with the changing times and trends, continual updates to the port’s facilities and infrastructure is a must. Northwest Demolition has provided services in working for various port agencies where work has been executed in or around these major facilities or infrastructures. Such demolition work revolves around working in active facilities as well as active waterways. Specific training and security credentials are required to work in this environment (e.g., TWIC cards). Our experience varies from the removal of a radioactive series of docks and wharf structures to the removal of massive deteriorated dock and buildings and in-water dolphins and concrete structures.

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Hotels and Hospitality

Northwest Demolition has extensive experience in the demolition of massive hotel facilities. The hospitality industry is very schedule driven, as the time included in demolition and reconstruction is nonrevenue generating time. In addition, this industry is very customer focused, hence, our work is designed and performed in a manner to absolutely minimize any impacts to the public. This involves the use of specialized low sound productive demolition methods, the strict management of factors such as fugitive dust and the operation at times of the day, that lessen the impact on the public.

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Wood Products

There is a wealth of history in the wood products manufacturing industry. Oftentimes, these facilities have been modified several times over the decades. Over the years, Northwest Demolition has worked in active and nonactive facilities, either removing portions of or the entire facility. The first step in the demolition/dismantling usually starts with the asset recovery of saleable specialized equipment. On many occasions, the asset recovery program generates revenues to offset a good portion of the further environmental cleanup and demolition costs.

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High Tech

The High Tech industry rapidly changes with somewhat new infrastructure becoming obsolete much more rapidly than in other industry sectors. Therefore, the need for old facilities to be updated or new facilities to be built has provided Northwest Demolition various demolition/dismantling and asset recovery opportunities. Northwest Demolition has worked for the likes of Intel, Tektronix and others. These projects usually are highly schedule driven with an extreme level of safety consciousness. This industry produces somewhat unique safety considerations due to their use of dangerous chemicals and the production of ultrafine lead dust and other forms of contamination.

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