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Minimizing the impact to the public is paramount on large infrastructure projects. Industries served include:

Northwest Demolition’s large fleet of specialized equipment can efficiently demolish heavily reinforced bridges and other improvements while meeting all environmental and public impact concerns. Infrastructure projects are often performed under intense schedule control.

Hence, we have developed the Project Controls personnel to produce and maintain detailed project schedules in a variety of software styles. We have performed work for the railroads for many years. Projects have included large maintenance facilities and work on active rail sites with schedules being dependent on traffic under and around the structures being removed.

Power plant demolition requires a specific set of skills. Given their heavy reinforced construction power plants require extreme duty equipment. Northwest Demolition has specialized in the demolition of heavy concrete and steel structures for decades and prides itself on having
one of the best maintained fleets of extreme duty equipment in the industry.

Example Infrastructure Demolition Projects

Power Plant Demolition

This power plant consisted of eight boilers, two steam generators, and associated electrical equipment. There were numerous environmental complexities including a 50,000 square foot, PCB-contaminated basement structure, and extensive asbestos abatement. The concrete was crushed and left onsite, and over 3,000 tons of steel was recycled.

Railroad Bridge Demolition Over Six Live Tracks

This project involved the removal of a 160' long steel rail bridge and the concrete foundation piers on either side of the structure. Steel was prepared to a 4' minus size and railed to a steel mill. The bridge spanned six active rail lines with an average usage of 12 trains per day. Train schedules for these lines under were maintained throughout this project.

Freeway Interchange Bridge Demolition

This 450-foot, three-span bridge was positioned over the intersection of two of Oregon's busiest freeways. Equipment was mobilized on a daily basis, returning freeways to active use during the day. Two 300-ton cranes were placed on an adjacent overpass; this required extensive engineering to ensure the bridge capacities were not exceeded.

Historic Power Plant Demolition

This historic brick structure once housed a power generation system. During the demolition, certain architectural features were protected, salvaged, and returned to the owner. Active rail lines near the building, a fragile, unreinforced masonry wall, and other utility considerations, made this project quite a challenge.