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Richard Wayper – President

Mr. Wayper has some 26 years of experience working in the fields of environmental remediation and demolition. In addition to overseeing all aspects of the company's business, he focusses on Business Development; that is, the acquisition of opportunities that suit Northwest Demolition's diverse capabilities. Mr. Wayper's previous international mining experience has been crucial for the geographic range development of the company.
He has a Master's Degree in Environmental Geology and is a Registered Professional Geologist.

Mark Stoller – Senior Vice President – Operations

Mr. Stoller has over 30 years' experience in the demolition and environmental remediation fields and has broad responsibility for the company's operations. He has risen through the business from an equipment operator to foreman, to superintendent, to Senior Vice President of Operations. Mr. Stoller has exceptional technical skill and can often be found on Northwest Demolition's toughest projects overseeing operations. He has a degree in Agriculture.

Dave Williams – Vice President – Operations

Mr. Williams has 18 years of experience working with Northwest Demolition. He oversees all company projects and the Project Management personnel assigned to each. He has worked in the field in all capacities (laborer, operator, foreman, superintendent, and Project Manager), hence has a somewhat unique capacity to effectively manage the companies field resources. He has a degree in Public Administration and Business Management.

Chad Hoffart – Vice President – Administration

Mr. Hoffart has some 16 years of experience in the construction and demolition industries. He has fulfilled various roles within Northwest Demolition including administration, estimating, project management and contracts management. In his current role he manages all administrative functions within the business including contract management, project controls, and accounting. He has a degree in Business Management and Economics.

Everett White – Vice President – Operations

Mr. White has worked with Northwest Demolition since 1972, occupying a variety of technical roles prior to his current role of Vice President of Operations. He is frequently called upon to oversee a range of projects in industries such as Nuclear or Chemical Weapons and is expert in the logistics of remote logistics operations. He is a hands-on manager of technically-challenging demolition and dismantling projects.

Dave McClure – Controller

Mr. McClure has over 30 years working in accounting and management for construction and engineering firms. After earning his degree in Business/Accounting he started work for a major public accounting firm. Since then he has worked for both large international construction companies and small, privately-owned contractors. For six years he worked as a consultant and product manager for an international construction accounting software developer. This unique background makes him ideal for his current position where he oversees all accounting and finance functions for Northwest Demolition.

Darin Leibelt – Corporate Safety Manager

Mr. Leibelt has 15 years working in the environmental remediation and demolition industries. Coming from the consulting industry, he was hired by Northwest Demolition in 2005 to oversee all work performed in the Hawaii Pacific division. More recently, he has been promoted to the position of Corporate Health and Safety Manager. Mr. Leibelt has a degree in Environmental Science and is a Certified Health and Safety Technician (CHST).

Brian Smith – Board Member

Mr. Smith has over 45 years of experience in business management and specifically in the fields of demolition, environmental remediation and asset management. He has overseen the growth of the company from a small specialized local firm to a national leader in the field of technical demolition. His background with a national equipment manufacturer has aided the company in the development of core processes of quality and safety.

Mr. Smith leads the board in its role to advise and support the functions of the business. He has a degree in Business Administration.