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demolition safetyNothing is more important than safety on a Northwest Demolition project.
Our commitment to safety is confirmed by our past record.

We acknowledge that every project poses unique safety challenges. In addition, various industries in which we work have varying safety focuses, reporting through a range of safety organizations.

Daily site-specific tailgate meetings, random jobsite interaction inspections, monthly corporate safety meetings, quarterly employee safety performance grading, and an annual quality control review program provide continual monitoring of safe operating procedures.


Management and ownership of Northwest Demolition have made a safety pledge. Safety is critically important to our customers’ operations, our operations, and our collective bottom lines. The bottom line is that we are always striving to perform better and to have anyone associated with our projects go home each day in better condition than which they arrived.

Our commitment is to hire and retain a high caliber of personnel and to protect our customers with an active drug testing program administered by a third party—American Substance Abuse Professional Drug Solutions, Inc. (ASAP).


Our company’s safety success is the result of:


Northwest Demolition encourages safe work practices through teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Each quarter, every employee is graded on a point reward system by his respective Supervisor and our company Safety Manager, based on these categories:

The intent is to encourage safety behavior and reward employees who may find a hazard, create a solution, and help resolve it.