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Selective demolition requires the removal of a portion of a facility or structure.

Careful planning and rigorous engineering is required to avoid conflicts with the owner’s ongoing operations, to negate environmental ramifications and to protect the integrity of the structure.

Northwest Demolition has performed many selective demolition projects within operating facilities, such as hospitals, chemical plants, and paper mills, while the facilities remain fully operational. Dependent on the plant type and the owner’s needs, we can provide a range of professionals to interact with owner’s plant personnel (e.g., engineers, geologists, project controls personnel) to ensure their ongoing operations are not impacted.

Project types include:

Example Selective Demolition Projects

High Tech Facility Strip Out

Northwest Demolition was contracted to perform the interior demolition and remediation of a 200,000 square foot, high tech assembly plant. Complete removal of interior finishes including walls, ceilings, mechanical, and electrical components. Capping of many of the process utilities and sprinkler system was also required. Years of circuit board welding and soldering had contaminated the building with ultrafine lead dust thus, the project was completed under negative air containment. The Northwest Demolition Team designed the cleanup processes and performed building decontamination, roofing repair, and floor grinding.

Conveyor System Removal - Coal Export Facility

The safe dismantling of 2,000 lineal feet of elevated conveyors and feed systems from an active export facility. The conveyors had been installed incorrectly without the benefit of engineering or permits, hence, their condition was poor and subsequent removal required rigorous investigation to determine a safe methodology. Sections of the system were over live power lines and a substation. During the removal work, portions of the remaining sections were secured to prevent collapse.

Historical Structure Roof Removal

This project involved the removal of the roof structure from a 25,000 square foot historic building. This unreinforced masonry facility was somewhat unstable, hence, the roof was removed in concert with installation of the wall bracing. The trusses were left in place to provide additional lateral bracing.

Airport Control Tower Demolition

Through a best value proposal format, Northwest Demolition was selected to demolish a five-story reinforced concrete control tower. The structure was located on top of the passenger terminal and directly over the FAA computer control center.

Following a comprehensive engineered plan, the tower was demolished with remotely operated robotic demolition machines one floor at a time, feeding all debris down an interior chute. To protect the terminal below, an engineered canopy was constructed over the tower and continuously lowered as the demolition progressed.