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Demolition Services

The 4 D’s (Demolition, Decontamination, Decommissioning & Dismantling). Northwest Demolition has decades of experience over hundreds of projects in dozens of different industries and market sectors. Our goal is to work for customers who value safety and quality of work. We are an equipment oriented contractor that specializes in larger projects and projects with environmental challenges and/or where assets need to be protected.

» Industrial Demolition
» Infrastructure Demolition
» Marine Demolition
» Commercial Demolition
» Selective Demolition
» Storage Vessel Demolition
» Government / Military
» Nuclear Decommissioning

Environmental Services

Northwest Demolition is confident in its ability to safely manage your environmental project. This confidence comes from decades of experience working in dozens of industries managing contaminated sites and structures. Projects frequently involve the decontamination of structures and the remediation of sites. Our in-house environmental professionals will work with your staff to devise an approach that mitigates your risks and maximizes your returns.

» Contaminated Structures
» Contaminated Sites



Consulting Services

Over our vast experience we have assembled a broad understanding of the costs associated with and the issues related to the demolition of structures and the clean-up of sites. Whether budgeting and planning future projects or providing management of ongoing work, our goal is to provide value and risk mitigation helping customers stay on track and make informed planning decisions.

» Project Planning & Execution


Asset Management

Often times the cost of a decommissioning/demolition project can be fully or partially offset by the value of the site’s assets. For decades, Northwest Demolition has been helping customers identify and maximize the value of these assets. For reusable assets we work with auctioneers, brokers and a network of end users to determine value. Using a “Hierarchy of Value” framework the goal becomes to market the entire system, then the component, then as a recyclable material, then lastly as a waste. Our services include providing professional consulting as well as completing the actual liquidation of the assets and real estate.

» Asset Appraisals & Liquidation
» Disaster Recovery
» Distressed Property Redevelopment