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Northwest Demolition is expert in the demolition of bulk storage steel and concrete vessels.

Our experience, range of specialized equipment and certification in several industry safety groups make us a valued tool to our industrial customers.

We specialize in using low energy cutting methods with hydraulic shears for safety around flammable atmospheres. Due to the sensitivity in chemical handling, we routinely perform atmospheric monitoring in the work areas of tank demolition projects. Flammable and explosive dust and vapors forms a large portion of the safety evaluation for these projects.

We frequently perform the demolition of:

Example Storage Vessel Demolition Projects

Tank Farm Demolition

Demolition of entire fueling facility with tanks up to 5 million gallons in size. Included in the scope was the warehousing, load racks, piping systems and concrete containment systems. Residual quantities of trapped product trapped was contained during the demolition. All steel was prepared onsite into mill spec and hauled to a local recycler.

Selective Tanks within Active Facility

Removal of several large above ground storage tanks in various locations. The tanks were cut into small pieces using excavator-mounted hydraulic shears and hauled to an appropriate recycling facility. The hydraulic shears provide added safety as it removes the operator from the work area and provides a non-hot-method to cut and size the steel. The operator is protected inside the machine thus eliminating most atmospheric and physical hazards.

Concrete Storage Tanks

This project involved the decommissioning and demolition of large concrete storage tanks for a facility that was terminating their lease agreement. We were responsible for the demolition of four large, concrete, above ground vessels and all associated loading and unloading equipment. Subgrade cement transfer lines were removed, including those extending beneath the pier.

Fuel Storage Tanks

Removal of several large above-ground storage tanks immediately adjacent to a major highway and high-voltage power lines. Northwest Demolition mobilized a long-reach excavator fitted with a hydraulic shear to dismantle the steel tanks. This allowed the demolition of the tanks to be performed in a safe controlled fashion.