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Northwest Demolition has honed its skills over the decades to be a leader in the management of environmentally contaminated and impacted sites and structures. We own a large fleet of remediation equipment and have professionals on staff who have decades of experience implementing remedial designs.

Work has been performed on sites with environmental issues ranging from the more routine (asbestos and lead paint), to the more exotic (chemical weapons and radioactivity).

Because our work frequently is related to contaminated buildings and sites, careful planning is required to ensure that further site issues are not caused during the building work. As such, we have teamed with many of the nation’s leading environmental consulting firms to devise site remediation alternatives that are safe, practical, and achievable.

Our overall approach is always to find a real world solution to the problem with the goal of getting the site back into productive use and not to produce a science project with ongoing uncertainty.

Example Contaminated Sites Projects

Remote Location Soil Remediation, Midway Island

The WWII-era DOD buildings found on Midway Island were originally painted with lead-bearing paint. Our multiyear project consists of the remediation and repainting of certain structures, demolition of specific structures, and remediation of the surrounding impacting soils. Over 50,000 cubic yards of soil will be excavated, remediated and buried in an on-island soil depository. Additional challenges are imposed by the short work window each year due to the wildlife migratory schedules and the remote nature of the site.

Remote Location Soil Remediation, Johnston Island

Northwest Demolition was contracted to remove over 8,000 tons of contaminated soils (a mixture of haz and non haz materials) from remote Johnston Island. We were totally unsupported, thus we were self-sufficient with our own vessel to mobilize our equipment/personnel, fuel our equipment, house personnel, provide medical services and satellite communications. Soils were excavated from 9 separate on-island areas and loaded onto an ocean going barge for delivery to a mainland US landfill.

Chemical Plant Site Remediation

The work involved the removal of various structures from the site and the permitting/demolition of a large underground chemical storage system including eleven USTs. Piping was located, excavated and removed. Contaminated soils were sampled, excavated, profiled and hauled to local landfills. The excavations were sampled and, following confirmation from the regulatory agency, backfilled and compacted for future development. Multiple chemical types found in adjacent excavations were managed on this project.

10-Acre Foundry Site Remediation

The cleanup consisted of decontamination/demolition of the foundry structures, accumulation/disposal of hundreds of cubic yards of stockpiled waste products, the removal of various underground storage tanks and the excavation of contaminated sediments from a creek running on the boundary of the site. A no further action letter was received by the local regulatory agency at the completion of the project.