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Northwest Demolition has a broad background in nuclear decommissioning dating back to the 1980s. We have performed contracting and consulting at power plants, nuclear test sites, and waste burial facilities.

Our radiological resume includes:

Example Nuclear Decommissioning Projects

Commercial Nuclear Containment Structure Demolition

Northwest Demolition was retained to demolish the reactor containment building from the Trojan Nuclear Plant. A somewhat unique structure, the containment building was 125 feet wide by 203 feet tall and contained 1,000 tons of post tensioned tendons. The miles of tendons were contained within sheathing that was filled with a petroleum-based corrosion inhibitor. We selected a bottom up demolition technique, allowing the separation of the tendons, the thousands of gallons of corrosion inhibitor and the 22,000 tons of concrete. Continuous seismic monitoring ensured safety of the nuclear fuel stored onsite just a few hundred feet away.

Radiologically-Impacted Dock Demolition

Dismantling and removal of several wharfs, submarine piers, a quay wall, and remnants of Navy ship berths. These marine structures had low-level radiological contamination from past ship decontamination procedures. Following the demolition of these structures (from land and barge), the materials were sized and analyzed for radioactivity. The bay floor was topographically surveyed following the work to ensure complete structure removal.

Hot Cell Facility Decommissioning/Demolition

Northwest Demolition was retained to design and perform the segmentation and disposal of a nuclear test facility. The structures were composed of heavily reinforced concrete up to 6’ feet thick. An intricate design was established to cut the structure into a series of monoliths weighing up to 1,000 tons. These monoliths would be packaged, shielded and transported on public highways to the ERDF disposal facility on the Hanford Nuclear reservation. Northwest Demolition played the lead role supervising a team of specialized contractors for the engineering, cutting, rigging and transportation roles.

Nuclear Waste Landfill Cap Repair

The Johnston Atoll landfill contains plutonium waste products resulting from an explosion of a plutonium weapon on Johnston Island in the 1960s. Following the incident, the waste products were buried on-island and capped with coral sands. Particularly heavy rains had badly eroded the cap materials, producing erosion features up to two feet deep. Northwest Demolition was retained to repair the landfill’s five-acre cap. The scope of work included surveying the surface for radiological materials, excavating and hauling replacement sand to the site and filling, compacting and contouring the finished surface.